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Club Dance

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(UK IMPORT): Dressed in black super-baggy nylon tracksuits, Priscilla and her team might look more like flash industrial cleaners than hip dancers--until they start strutting the moves that is. The slow basic instruction and repetition of the dance, together with a presenter going all out to connect with the viewer, might appear to be totally missing from this. In fact what's absent is exactly what cynics would expect: dumbing down the dance. The routines are no watered-down version of the real thing and the instruction does not pander to the non-dance-literate viewer, kid, teenager or adult alike. Yes, it's difficult. But aside from ensuring it'll take a while to get bored with this one, even if getting a whole sequence is hard, slowly the moves do rub off. And with Priscilla's emphasis on free style, the S Clubber in all of us comes out

Club Dance
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